Our History

With a history going back to the 1800s, we know how to host an event that keeps your guests talking long after the fun’s over!

For many decades, the Greene County Expo Center was intertwined with the Greene County Agricultural Fair.

Since our complete refurbishment in 2001 (thanks, tornado!) we've expanded our offerings to cover everything from intimate weddings to 20,000 strong HAM radio conventions. Once a year, we still host our much-loved Greene County Agricultural Fair.

We're proud to still offer an unrivaled level of customer service and support to everyone that visits our center. We're even located in Xenia, named after the ancient Greek concept of hospitality! Our dedication to high quality hospitality is rooted in our long history.

Our Roots

1833 - The Greene County Agricultural Society is first mentioned in the Commissioners’ Journal in June 1833.

It was through an order by the Commissioners that, “...notice be given in the Xenia Territory...that there will be a meeting held at the Court House in Xenia on the last Friday in June for the purpose of organizing an Agricultural Society to be entitled the Greene County Agricultural Society." Officially, the Society was organized on July 30, 1834.

1837 - The first Greene County Fair took place - considered by many to be the oldest fair west of the Alleghenies

1839 - The Greene County Fair becomes an annual event, to this day

1867 - The Greene County Agricultural Society bought 36.30 acres of the present grounds

1886 - In April 1886, land was platted and known as the “Fairground Addition" to the City of Xenia

1923-1939 - Extensive building work undertaken to celebrate 100 years of the fair (including a 1,600 seating grandstand and halls)

The Greene County Fair

The fair began as a 3-day event which consisted of pulling contests, plowing contests, horse racing along a measured course on Main Street, products sold from the spinning wheel and looms, and, of course, vegetables and flowers. Several buildings were erected along with the grandstand - a metal one with a cement floor beneath in which there were spaces to exhibit various items. The fair has been held at various times of the year from August to October; however, it is now held the last few days of July and/or the first week of August.

Disaster Strikes! But The Show Goes On…

2000 - Extensive damage caused by tornado, resulting in 17 buildings completely destroyed. The tornado of 2000 was a local disaster that had devastating effects on many of the surrounding businesses and family homes around us.

Our own grounds and historical structures suffered badly. The widespread destruction across our facilities and caused a crisis within our organization. Luckily, our committee and team are dedicated to ensuring the Greene County Expo Center survives for future generations to enjoy and worked tirelessly for many months to rebuild.

2001 - Renovations and rebuilding completed. Modern event facilities for up to 30,000 attendees added. Extensive beautification of surrounding grounds and camping area.

2017 - The annual Dayton Hamvention attracted over 20,000 amateur radio enthusiasts from around the world

2019 - The first annual Great Ohio Toy Show

Our Vision For The Future

As a united team, we’re going to work hard to maintain our position as the premier expo center in Ohio and continue to promote Greene County as a professional, exciting destination worldwide.