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Guidelines and Information

We’re here to make sure you have a great time at your event.

If you have any questions about your visit with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

General Rules

  1. No smoking in any building. use of illegal drugs is prohibited anywhere on the grounds or in any of the buildings.
  2. No concealed handguns or weapons of any kind are permitted in any buildings or anywhere on the fairgrounds.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in person(s) being escorted off the grounds and your event being cancelled with no refund of monies.

Setting Up Guidelines

  1. The day prior to your event, you may decorate without additional charge. If more time is used or needed for additional decorating, there will be an additional charge of $100.00 per day. This additional charge must be paid the day of the set up.
  2. No tape that will leave a residue on tables, chairs, walls, carpet, or floors may be used. No staples or nails or any other damaging substances may be used.
  3. No glitter or any form of glitter may be used during any event in any room rented in any of the buildings.

Rental Guidelines

  1. If security is needed for your event, it is the responsibility of the person(s) who signed the rental contract to provide those services.
  2. One week prior to this event, the office will need to know:
    a. The number of round tables needed
    b. The number of rectangular tables
    c. Size and placement of stage
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the first day of your rental will start at 8:30 a.m. and the building must be cleaned and vacated by midnight of the last day of your rental. If the event goes beyond the midnight curfew, there will be a minimum of $150.00 charge and thereafter the fee will be $100.00 per hour.
  4. The Greene County Expo Center, employees, or staff shall not be responsible for articles left in the building after this event.
  5. A $50.00 charge for any returned checks will be assessed to the person signing the contract.
  6. By participating in any programs on our grounds, you agree to allow publication of any photos taken during any program, event or open facility time. If you do not wish to have your picture taken, please inform the photographer

Packing Up Guidelines

  1. If damage is done to the kitchen/hallway/bathroom/walls/tables/chairs/ etc; or outside as well as the building itself, a neutral person shall hear both sides of the incident and if there is no resolution, both parties shall assume responsibility for repair.
  2. No person shall tamper with the electrical systems or air-conditioning/heating. If a problem is to happen during this event, the maintenance person must be called to resolve it.
  3. The maintenance personnel employed by the fairgrounds will place tables in an upright position. After this event, tables should be left in an upright position where they are.
  4. Stages should be left where they are placed.
  5. Chairs will be found on a rack and after this event, chairs should be put back on the rack as found. Rack(s) of chairs should be left in the room
  6. No tables, chairs, or any other property belonging to the Greene County Expo Center may be removed from any building. If any property needs to be relocated, the maintenance person will be responsible for setting up the necessary items. Any items found outside the building will be considered damaged and charged to the person signing the event’s contract.
  7. If any damage should occur, the maintenance person and/or the rental agent should be informed at the first opportunity regarding the nature of the damage. Pictures of the damage will be taken and used as documentation if the damage is greater than the deposit.
  8. All keys are the responsibility of the person signing below and must be returned to the rental agent.
  9. Any lost or unreturned keys are the responsibility of the renter signing and they may be charged for any and all costs incurred to make new keys and/or locks for all doors affected.

Cleaning Guidelines

  1. All trash cans are to be lined with trash bags as supplied by the fairgrounds. Each trash bag must be tied and placed in the green containers outside the kitchen door after your event. In the event there are more bags than can fit in the trash totters, please pile them on top of the totters.
  2. All decorations must be removed after the event.
  3. Tables shall be left in an upright position
  4. Chairs shall be put back on racks in an orderly manner
  5. All food must be removed from the kitchen
  6. Items in refrigerators must be removed
  7. Trash taken out of kitchen and put into totters outside kitchen door
  8. Any food items in the Assembly hall should be removed and disposed of as trash
  9. Items left from caterers are the responsibility of the person hosting the event to return items to caterer.
  10. If event is over before midnight, persons renting the building are responsible for calling the maintenance man to lock up; otherwise he will be on the grounds at midnight.
  11. Cleaning the bathroom is not the responsibility of this event.
  12. DO NOT attempt to tamper with the electrical panels
  13. DO NOT attempt to enter the other side of the room by going through the dividing door. Damage to the door will be charged to the person holding the event.
  14. DO NOT vacuum the carpet in the Assembly Hall. We have large sweepers that we will use if you would be so kind as to remove the debris on the floor.
  15. Your caterer is responsible for leaving the kitchen cleaned as they found it. If they spill something, they are responsible for cleaning it up. Also: NO GREASE is to be put down the drain; we DO NOT have garbage disposals - please put all trash/food stuff/etc. in trash bags.

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